wedding ideas

wedding ideas

Here are examples in their hundreds to help give inspiration for your own wedding
bridal and bridesmaids outfits, flowers, and cakes recorded by Mike Burnside Photography.

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bridal outfits
bridesmaids outfits
bridal flowers
wedding cakes
beautiful brides


what Sarah says ... 

'... there is no other photographer in the world I would have trusted to capture my wedding day. 

While there are plenty of wedding photographers out there, very few possess Mike's keen eye, long experience and sheer talent.
If you are looking for a photographer who will blend quietly into your day, coax you gently into just the right shot,
be always mindful that posing for pictures is not the only focus of the day and, when all is said and done,
present you with too many perfect pictures to choose from, this is your man.'

Sarah Pridgeon

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